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Music created by our own band - The Twist!

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  1. Love At Halloween 
  2. A Belly Full of Bones
  3. Christmas is Creepy
  4. Christmas Dreams 
  5. Bows and Labels 
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  1. Give Us A Job
  2. Diva in Las Vegas
  3. Mr. Prime Minister
  4. You have the power (Superhero Rap)
  5. Right for Me
  6. Standing Out from the Crowd
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Play List 
1. 007                        11. A few of my fav things
2. Let's Groove                12. Take A Second Look   
3. Seasons are a-changing      13. That's George 
4. Different Friends            14. The Cup of Happiness
5. Friends Together            15. Things I Like to Do 
6. Friendship                  16. Work for All Final Mix 
7. I Love Where I Full Mix 1 1
8. Just Getting On 3 
9. Just Getting On 
10. Life's much better with a Friend 
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